World centric, communicative, social, strategic, practical, team player, problem solver, humanitarian, innovative, goal-driven, results- and purpose driven, growth centred, reliable, empathic, social, practical.
values. Unity, reliability, growth, purpose driven, innovation.


Author/photographer of three best-selling guidebooks on the African Continent. Editor in Chief of guidebook Namibia.

Promotion Campaign Kenya using High end Content, PR and Social Media to put Kenya (back) on the map as a Responsible Tourism Destination (ongoing).

Several hundreds of articles for newspapers and magazines.

Planned and made several hundreds of pan-African trips.
Four screenplays for movies about social (youth-) issues. Currently fundraising for two.

Credited co-producer Kenyan movie On Your Marks
Co-producer International Collaboration Lockdown ’20
Co-founder afrikanieuws.nl
Publicity coordination/fund raising campaign of a 24-hour Cancer Run from Brussels to Amsterdam for the Wilhelmina Children’s Cancer Hospital.
Presenter/reporter regional radio station in Amsterdam
Youth Editor regional radio station, responsible for all youth programs.
Format developed for local radio station in South Holland province
Award winning Interview Series “Youth in our Town” about main challenges of being young in my home town Bodegraven (Netherlands), published in the Regional News Paper.

Skill set

Script writing (radio, film), script reading, research, planning/budgeting trips (logistics), communication planning, jury member, radio reporting, radio presenting, voice-over, managing inter cultural teams, managing groups, fund raising, public speaking, (media-) planning, communicative, use of humor, it-able, critical thinker, takes the lead but able to be lead, service minded, broad intrest, human centred, passionate problem solver, creative, reliable, trustworthy, conflict reporting, key notes, multi-media, strong organisational skills, strategic thinking, familiar with several screenwriting ‘theories’.


Producing, writing, directing, concepting, envisioning, voice overs, presenting, screen acting, dj’ing, photography, editing (text, audio, video).
Acquisition, multi-cultural teams, groups, budget proposals, networking, consultancy.


Kenya Film Commission, Wide Oyster Magazine, Sawadee Reizen, Llink radio, Al Jazeera International, SOS Children’s Villages, Parool (newspaper), Trouw (newspaper), African Business Communities (Ambassador for them), among others.



Experience (short)

Jury Kenyan Film Commission for a National (mobile phone) Film Competition, 2020. Responsible for judging the participants from a screenwriting point of view.

Journalist/photographer/screenwriter, freelance, Nairobi, Kenya 2002-now
In 2002 I settled myself as a freelance journalist/writer/photographer in Nairobi, Kenya. Since then I made many trips to different parts of the continent for a variety of customers.

Guidebook author (writer/photographer/editor in chief), freelance, Nairobi, Kenya 2002-now

Since 2002, I published three guidebooks on the Continent and I contributed to two books about Kenya and Tanzania. I am responsible for the literature research, photography and did the actual writing. Currently working on a new guidebook on Ethiopia.

Tourguide, Baobab Travel, Amsterdam, Freelance guide/traveling consultant Sawadee Travel/Peak Adventure International, Amsterdam/Nairobi; 2002-present
I worked as a tourguide In Eastern (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia) and Southern Africa (South Africa, Namibia, Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique, Botswana) and was fully responsible to run tours smoothly (planning, booking, budgeting) being in charge of a team of (African) driver and a cook, a group of drivers or just one driver, depending on the trip. Same applies for trips from Egypt to Cape Town.
In my role, I was advising the Product Manager and Marketing Communication Department on marketing development of trips and how to implement company values (like responsible tourism) into the trips.
Journalist/radio presenter/reporter for a regional (news-) radio station
In my different roles, I was responsible for writing news bulletins, presenting a news magazine and reporting.


Communication Science, University of Amsterdam
Hogeschool Inholland / Inholland University of Applied Sciences / Bachelor of Arts (BA) Marketing and Communication
Christelijk Lyceum Atheneum, Gouda (pre-scientific education)
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam – Development Studies (workshop)
Utrecht University of Applied Sciences – Financial Journalism
Course Feature Writing – ’t Colofon (writer’s school)


Script reader Kenyan Script Writer’s Guild
I am reading screenplays from Guild-members and providing them with constructive criticism.
Masterclasses in (different aspects of) screenwriting/acting
Shonda Rhymes, L.A.
Aaron Sorkin, L.A.
Amour Heart, Cape Town
Cajetan Boy, Kenya
Masterclass acting Melissa Kiplagat
Masterclass acting Gathoni Mutua
Multi media Storytelling
Muse Storytelling, online
Financial Journalism
Radio Journalism
Development Studies, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU)



Building Bridges

Ms. Dyson uses her minor in psychology to determine how to best approach her subjects and get inside their comfort zone without having them shut her out. This ability allows her to capture the magic of the moment in her special event photography and unique portraits, providing her clients with amazing images that delight them.

She has spent a significant time in the art photography trade, going to great lengths to take pictures that capture her client’s personality and spirit. With an adventurous spirit, she’s taken photographs using a number of techniques including rappelling, skydiving, aerial photography and many more. Here are some of her wildest photo shoots:

Zion National Park, Utah
Sunset over Lake Michigan
National Cathedral, Washington D.C.
Malibu Beach Wedding, CA

Sample Pieces